As a best selling author and one of the top-rated Stress and Change Management speakers in the market today, David delivers the sage advice of an MD, packaged with the wit and wisdom only a motivational speaker can offer. He takes direct aim at the bane of the beleaguered twenty-first century citizen: stress, burn-out, non-stop change and the elusive balance between work and life.

With a list of self-help best sellers and a successful counselling practice he continues to maintain, David Posen ranks as one of today's foremost authorities on stress management.
David Posen, MD, has enlightened and entertained audiences across North America for more than three decades.

“A perfect blend of anecdote, medical science, humor and advice”

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David has counselled patients suffering from stress, anxiety and depression for more than thirty years. Over that time, he noticed a pattern: as our lives have become faster-paced and increasingly fragmented, many of us have become disconnected from our true selves. We've become round pegs trying to fit into square holes. And when we try to be what we're not, the result isn't surprising. Authenticity is Dr. Posen's guide to living in harmony with your true self. Read an excerpt in The Shop

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“The time you invested with the leadership team on delivering a tailored message really paid dividends”.

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